Florence Engineering is a novel enterprise founded in 2011. It represents the natural evolution of a team of engineers, who were researchers at the Department of Electronics of the University of Florence. This team was born ten years ago. During this time the team was able to develop complex electronic systems, starting from the idea, followed by the design, the implementation, and the validation in operating environmental conditions.

Several skills have been moved into the enterprise and specific professional characters cover different sectors of electronic engineering: software and hardware design, RF system design, design of remote control systems and automation systems, data processing and so on.

Florence Engineering now is set on the market to provide services and research activities behind the creation of a product and its industrial exploitation. Prototyping, particularly of radar systems, is currently its main business, but it will be oriented to small manufacturing productions as driving factor for the growth of the enterprise.

More information can be found at: http://www.florence-engineering.it/.