EXERGIA S.A. is an independent firm of consultants and engineers operating internationally in the fields of energy and environment. It was founded in 1991 and maintains since then a rapid growth rate through expansion of its client base and of its activities. Having been involved in a large number of significant sustainable energy projects worldwide, EXERGIA is established among the top Greek consulting companies.

The scope of the company’s projects ranges from consultancy to State policy and strategy formulation up to energy/environmental audits and studies and targeted dissemination activities. Experience and know-how built up over the years have made the company capable of handling a wide range of projects and guarantee a multidisciplinary approach tailored to meet the client’s requirements. EXERGIA provides advice, expertise and technical consultancy on the following topics:

  • Identification, assessment, monitoring and evaluation of Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management measures and programmes in all sectors.
  • Diagnosis, auditing, project solutions and management support to industrial and service clients on the application of modern energy and environmental technologies that result in higher energy efficiency, exploitation of RES and amelioration of the environment.
  • Energy and Environmental Policy and Strategy formulation at local, regional (intra-national and international) and national level, including the assessment of energy demand and supply development, energy modelling, formulation of action plans, environmental action plans, etc.
  • Feasibility studies, techno-economic analyses and environmental impact assessments for significant energy and environmental projects to be financed by international donors and banks.
  • Advice to governmental/ regulatory authorities on technical, organisational, institutional and legislative aspects of energy and environmental strategies and policies.
  • Support on publicity issues including information campaigns, promotion activities and training on energy and environmental issues.

The combination of strong energy and environment expertise, long training and capacity building experience and use of advanced IT systems assures the effective transfer of valuable know-how to clients. EXERGIA is certified and offers its consulting services following the procedures of the international standard for quality assurance ISO 9001:2008.

More information can be found at: www.exergia.gr.