Vilkograd is a modern European company for construction and reconstruction of pipelines, using NO-DIG technologies. We are using advanced pipe installation technologies based on horizontal underground drilling, for all diameters and extreme length of pipeline in any soil. We also perform the “trenchless” pipe rehabilitation, replacing any worn-out kind of pipe.

It is owned by Viljem Kolar and is on the market since 1995. First we were focused on civil engineering. In 2002 we were the only company in Slovenia who offered a machine that was able to drill with real-time data and precise control of drilling head which enabled drilling up to 200m in length and 400 mm in diameter. In 2006 our experts made project plans for horizontal drilling machine with radio control. The second machine enables drilling in the demanding terrains, such as stone, marl, rock.

Vilkograd has 65 employees, who are full of enthusiasm and will to work. Is it not only well known for its exceptional quality in Slovenia, but also in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro and Osterreich.

More information can be found at: http://www.vilkograd.com/.