Ingegneria dei Sistemi (IDS) is an independent system engineering company of more than 400 people (80 % with degrees in electronic and aerospace engineering) that provides, since 1980, high technology services and integrated system solutions in defence and civil areaa to Government Agencies, industrial companies and research establishment. Its Quality System is certified ISO 9001:2008. Companies related to IDS are: IDS UK – IDS North America – IDS AustralAsia – IDS Brazil.

IDS is structured into four Divisions and associated Rand laboratories.

The GeoRadar division has developed, by exploiting core company know-how in Radar System analysis and design and Applied Electromagnetics to create innovative Radar Systems for applications in remote, non-destructive fields of investigation, such as civil and structural engineering, geology, geophysics and the environment, archaeology and cultural heritage, public security and law enforcement. IDS GeoRadar products are being successfully commercialised in Italy and in more than 30 international markets.

The Computational Electromagnetic Laboratory is the R&D team for antenna modelling and characterisation. In the last few years, this Laboratory has been involved in the development of antennas for GPR systems in different field of applications.

IDS has an extensive experience in taking part in international projects; amongst these:

  • Project “ORFEUS Optimised Radar to Find Every Utility in the Street” (advanced technologies for locating, maintaining and rehabilitating buried infrastructures)
  • Project “GALAHAD Advanced Remote Monitoring Techniques for Glaciers, Avalanches and Landslides Hazard Mitigation Study” (landslides, avalanches and glaciers-related hazard mitigation, through the development of advanced monitoring techniques)
  • Projects ANGEL, DEMINE and DEMAND addressing the detection of anti-personnel mines and UXOs (humanitarian demining).

More information can be found at: www.idscorporation.com