Completion of ORFEUS project

In September 2015, the EU-funded project “ORFEUS-Operational Radar For Every drill string Under the Street”, ended after 3 years of co-operation. The ORFEUS consortium demonstrated a robust and efficient ground penetrating radar system mounted on the tip of a modified, conventional, commercial Horizontal Directional Drilling rig. In addition to extensive laboratory tests it has been shown that such technology can be used operationally in a range of challenging urban environments. Data and power can be delivered in real time, and the system can be operated without significantly delaying the drilling process. The radar has detected, and avoided unmapped objects and has also confirmed the position of pre mapped objects. In addition, a DIN standard now provides a clear framework for use of such ‘drill assisting’ technology within a mix of normal utility street works. There is also a clear engineering path to making such systems fit for production use.

EXERGIA designed and implemented the dissemination strategy of the ORFEUS project including participation in exhibitions, organisation of workshops, development of publication material and multimedia tutorials and videos.

A short video presentation of the project is displayed below.

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