ORFEUS field trial in Slovenia

The development and demonstration phases of the project are complete, with field trials having taken place in Germany (Lennestadt and Stuttgart), France (Paris – near Le Bourget) and Slovenia (near Celje).

During the trials, the ORFEUS equipment performed without failure, except for some minor teething problems that were expected in new, unproven, equipment. As the trials progressed, these became fewer in number.

Each trial took place as part of a planned operational pipe laying operation, and involved the drilling of between 60 and 100 metres of urban ground. All of the operations were successful, and completed on time.

In the Paris trial, the radar detected an undocumented electricity cable in the path of the drill head (verified by excavation), and a collision was avoided. We believe that this may be the first instance of accidental damage being prevented by the use of HDD radar during a commercial drilling operation. The job resulted in the successful installation of a new water main in an urban situation.

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